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ASSOCIATE Member Application Form REV_030222

Who uses the JMS and why?

  • Median age 65 (youngest member 18, oldest member 92).
  • Perceived need for friendship in a place that affirms positive aspects of masculinity.
  • Men enjoy the lack of compulsion, opportunities for hands-on, productive activity, mentoring, socializing and belonging.
  • Men enjoy ‘getting out of the house’ (empty or shared with a partner).
  • Men’s Sheds can provide a place for some men to start to talk about a whole range of life issues, including health and wellbeing.

What do our Shedders learn?

  • Hands-on skills through practical, productive activity.
  • The positive value of leisure activity and friendship with other men.
  • Health, fitness, relationships, identities as men and emotional wellbeing.
  • How to cope with changes, associated with unemployment, separation, ageing disability and retirement.
  • To develop, share and enjoy lives and identities beyond work and home.

UPDATE: JMS has a new ASSOCIATES group – these are women who want to socialize and/or use the Shed machinery.  They use the premises when the men are not there.

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