Applications for JMS Membership:

ORDINARY Member Application Form REV_250523

MENTOR_CARER Member Application REV_250523

Who uses the JMS and why?

  • Our median age is 65 (youngest member 18, oldest member 92).
  • Who joins:
    • Men who want to be part of a community and find friendship in a place that affirms positive aspects of doing meaningful work.
    • Men who enjoy opportunities for hands-on, productive activity, mentoring, socializing and belonging.
    • Men who enjoy ‘getting out of the house’ (empty or shared with a partner).
    • Men who generally want to engage in discussion about a whole range of life issues, including health and wellbeing.

What do our Shedders learn?

  • Hands-on skills through practical, productive activity.
  • The positive value of leisure activity and friendship with other men.
  • Health, fitness, relationships, identities as men and emotional wellbeing.
  • How to cope with changes, associated with unemployment, separation, ageing, disability and retirement.
  • To develop, share and enjoy lives and identities beyond work and home.

Mentor Membership

JMS also has a Mentor (Carer) Membership –  this is primarily for carers who want to assist their clients by using Shed machinery to perform tasks that the client cannot for some reason. Mentors need to pass all the normal training & accreditation requirements.