Men’s Sheds of Western Australia

MSWA’s history

In 2009 the Mukinbudin 1950’s Working Farm Shed and the Shire of Mukinbudin conducted the first WA Men’s Shed conference. The decision to form MSWA was made at the conference and a steering committee was formed. MSWA became incorporated and held the inaugural AGM in July 2010.

MSWA was formed to represent all of the Men’s Sheds in WA. MSWA coordinates and disseminates information to all sheds and assists in setting up new sheds. Meetings are held with politicians and funding bodies to get the maximum benefit for the WA sheds.

MSWA previously received financial support from the WA Department of Health and the WA Department of Local Government and Communities. It currently receives funding from the Department of Communities.

What is a Men’s Shed?

A men’s shed provides a place for men to talk and contribute to their local community when they have retired, where practical skills and knowledge can be shared.

All sheds are different, some like to do woodwork, whereas others can be more outgoing and like to contribute their time to helping the local community. Whatever your shed does, the shed experience will improve your wellbeing by keeping physically, mentally and socially active.

Men’s Sheds of WA supports over 180 men’s sheds throughout the state of WA, ranging from Albany in the west to Broome in the north. Men’s sheds play an incredibly important role in the WA community.

We’re here to:

  • Foster the development and sustainability of men’s sheds in Western Australia.
  • Advocate on behalf of Sheds to government, private, and community sector organisations.
  • Provide opportunities for bringing Sheds together to share and learn.

We exist only through the efforts and commitment of volunteers from sheds around WA, along with the support and funding from the Department of Communities and Lotterywest.

MSWA is a not for profit organisation.

Visit the MSWA Website.