Shed Closure 23rd March to 20th April 2020

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New club gathering rules as per Aus Gov. Dept of health

“All non-essential indoor gatherings of less than 100 people (including staff) such as cinemas, theatres, restaurants/cafes, pubs, clubs, weddings and funerals should apply social distancing and hygiene practices. This includes:
  • being able to maintain a distance of 2 metres between people (in other words occupancy of individual must be 2m x2m) within closed space
  • providing hand hygiene products and suitable rubbish bins, with frequent cleaning and waste disposal
Both the above requirements are impossible for us to adhere to or enforce due to the nature of our “volunteer” operation and the near impossible task to provide desensitisers to the general membership due to the paucity of the items and policing the professional cleaning of the shed with no volunteers available to undertake the tasks, at best of times.
  • The unanimous opinion of the committee members, is to close the shed for atleast a month until a clear directive is available from the health department. This period of the month is starts from 23rd March 2020. till the 20th of April, at the minimum.  
  • There is also a suggestion to open the shed on Monday 23rd for a few hours to facilitate members to remove their personal items that they have left in the shed. Graham is quite happy to open the shed and monitor the members for limited entry for the purpose. The shed will be open from 8 am for a few hours to facilitate this, with limited access to the premises based on one individual at a time. Graham will police the entry and exit. Members who have anything left in the shed, please note that this is only for a few hours only. Social distancing will be in effect.
  • There will be a support task force set up to maintain a line of communications, because the closure of the shed will create a social vacuum in the lives of so many at a time of life when human contact and socialisation is paramount for member’s mental well-being, The principal purpose of this would be, to provide a help line for those who might be doing it tough, to phone for support.  Such assistance might simply consist of a visit or a chat. All members of the committee have agreed for their phone numbers to be available to the membership to facilitate this idea of a help line.  Further our welfare officers, John Summerfield and Brian Abbot, will also participate in this task force.  The telephone numbers of the Committee members and welfare officers are published in the electronic copy of the Bench Press, distributed monthly to all members with declared email addresses. Any other member wishing to participate, in this exercise, please email your details to be published in future communications.
  • For those members who participate in our Lotterywest draws, Graham has advised that payment for the next month is due now and members wishing to participate should have their contributions given to Graham on Monday 23rd.

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